New Westminster Soccer Club - Program Evaluation Form

We would like your feedback regarding the Saturday Morning Girls Training Sessions run by coaches and members of the New West SC Blackout women's team.

Clicking on submit will send an email with your responses to the program's head coach, Wayne McCarthy. Your feedback will be used in determining the future of the program.

Please email webmaster if you have questions about this form, or if your computer doesn't allow you to send this form.
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How would you describe your player's satisfaction with the program?
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In your opinion, how helpful were these sessions for your player?
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In your opinion, how well were the sessions organized / structured?
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In your opinion, the coaches knowledge and instruction are best described as being...
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How important is it to have female coaches at any future sessions?
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Would your player continue with this Program if we charged a registration fee in line with what the Boys Academy charges ($10-$15 per session)?
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Would you like to see the program continue to run on Saturday mornings, another day, or end it altogether?
Saturday mornings Another day, in the evening End the program
If we continue to run sessions on Saturday mornings, starting at 9:00 am is...
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Would you recommend this program to other players on your team?
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